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    Appartment for sale in the town of Scalea. Southern Italy, region of Calabria.

    I was asked to create this video by the owners as they don’t have time to maintain the appartment.

    In my opinion, this is a very interesting offer especially from a point of renting potential. This appartment features highly searchable parameters to satisfy the majority of local tourists’ demands.

    The asking price is 220,000 Euro, open to negotiations. The indoor space is 2150 sq.ft. The garden space is 9690 sq.ft

    Mail: ankatunik@gmail.com

    Viber, Whatsapp: +393486088610

    I live in south of Italy since 2009. I worked at guest services in 2 resorts in Scalea.

    My husband lives in Italy since 2000. He owns construction and renovation business.

    I help with:
    Planning your dream beach vacation in Italy
    Real estate market research and purchase in Citron Riviera area

    If interested in:
    Real estate purchase/investment
    Renovation of house/ appartment
    Beach vacation in southern Italy
    Everything about life and vacationing in Calabria

    This channel is about: real estate in Calabria, buying and renovating property in Italy, best resorts in southern Italy, things to do in Calabria, life in Calabria and so much more.

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